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DIY Fabric Key Fobs

Make DIY fabric key fobs with this easy step-by-step photo tutorial, which requires just a small amount of fabric and can be made in minutes!
Total Time15 mins
Yield: 1


  • Tube turning tool
  • Pliers (see note in the original post)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Other basic sewing tools (see my list of essential sewing tools linked in the original post)


  • 2 strips of fabric cut to 1.5x11"
  • 1 strip of fusible fleece cut to 1x11"
  • 1 " key fob hardware set
  • Coordinating thread


  • To begin, make your cuts: (2) 1.5x11" fabric pieces and (1) 1x11" piece of fusible fleece.
    Key Fob Pieces
  • Center the fusible fleece rough side down on the back side of one of the fabric strips so that the fleece is positioned at the center of the fabric with 1/4" on either side. Press the fleece to affix it into place using a scrap of fabric as a pressing cloth.
  • Place the fabric pieces together, right sides facing, along all of the outer edges. Pin. Using a 1/4" seam, stitch the pieces together along each long side and one of the short sides.
    Layer Key Fob Pieces
  • Use the tube turning tool to turn the piece right side out. To do this, insert the 1/2" tube tool into the open end of the stitched pieces. Poke the stitched end of the fabric through the concealed tube using the wood stick included with the tube turning set, carefully guiding the fabric through the inside of the tube until it is completely turned right side out.
    Use Tube Turning Tool To Turn Stitched Piece Right Side Out
  • Press the turned piece flat. Top stitch along each of the long edges.
    Press Tube Flat
  • Fold the completed strap in half, and affix the key fob hardware clip to the place where the short ends of the loop overlap. (See my note in the original post on the type of pliers to use for this step.) I have found that it helps to position the clip as desired, and then press down firmly on the clamp by hand to close it slightly before clamping it down firmly with the pliers. Make sure to use a small piece of scrap fabric to protect the clip from becoming scratched as you clamp it.
    Attach Key Fob Hardware
  • Attach the key ring to the key fob hardware clip. Your DIY key fob is finished!
    Attach Key Ring to Fabric Key Fob