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Fabric Yo-Yo Wreath

Fabric yo-yos add a bright pop of personality to this fun handmade wreath!


  • Paintbrush
  • Hand Sewing Needle
  • Hot Glue Gun


  • Wood wreath form see my notes in the original post
  • Craft paint
  • Fabric in assorted colors and patterns see my fabric recommendation in the original post
  • Thread
  • Ribbon


  • To begin, paint the wreath form with the craft paint. Set it aside to dry completely while you get started on your yo-yos.
    Paint Wood Wreath Form
  • Using the four different templates from my yo-yo tutorial (linked above) cut circles from your assorted fabrics in the various sizes, and then stitch them into yo-yos. For my 14.5" wreath, I made: (14) 3" yo-yos; (13) 2" yo-yos; (10) 1.5" yo-yos; and (12) 1" yo-yos. Adjust the number of yo-yos depending upon the size of your wreath.
    Fabric Yoyos
  • Once you've finished stitching all of your yo-yos, arrange them on your wreath as you like and secure them with hot glue.
    Glue Fabric Yo Yos to Wreath Form
  • Finally, add a ribbon hanger to the wreath. For this step, cut two 18" lengths of ribbon. Position one end of each ribbon piece on the back of the wreath so they are centered about 1.5" apart at the top edge, and use hot glue to secure them into place. Tie the loose ends in a bow and trim away any excess ribbon from the tails of the bow.