November 19, 2009

Turkey time

Many of you already know how much I love to create. Honestly, if a day goes by that I don’t get to flex my creative muscles, I feel a little off. I love to sit down with the kiddos and do little projects, and when I found this idea for turkey hats on the other night, I couldn’t wait to work on it with Jack and Charlotte. Today was cloudy and cold, a perfect day for pulling out our art supplies and getting to work!

I am always so amazed at what little sponges these kiddos are. It is so fun to teach them new things and watch their excitement when they get to share their new knowledge with Matt when he gets home each evening. We’ve been talking a lot lately about Thanksgiving-themed things like turkey, pilgrims and the Mayflower. You should hear Jack and Charlotte try to say “religious persecution.” šŸ˜‰

So what have you created today?

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