September 11, 2013

Dry-Erase Weekly Schedule Board #ScotchBTS

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Now that school is back in session and extracurricular activities have resumed, I am once again finding myself in dire need of some organization to keep all of my four little ducks (children) in a row. With so many appointments and activities to keep track of, I decided to make a new dry-erase weekly schedule board to hang in my utility room to use throughout the week as a reminder of who needs to be where and when. I think this is going to be a real life-saver!

Dry-Erase Weekly Organizer at Positively Splendid

This project was made oh-so-easy with the new Scotch Expressions Tapes that are available in tons of great colors and patterns, and four different varieties: Magic Tape, masking tape, shipping tape, and washi tape. With prices ranging from $2.50 for a single pack to $5.99 for a triple pack, these tapes are not only top-notch quality, they are also affordable. I opted to use a few different patterns of washi tape for this particular project because it is easily re-positioned, making it perfect for achieving a lined grid on my board that was nice and straight.

The process for creating this schedule board couldn’t have been simpler. The usable space of my magnetic white board was 19×32″, so I did a bit of pre-planning to ensure my tape lines were properly placed. After a bit of calculating, I decided to place my tape lines in the configuration in the diagram below.

Dry-Erase Weekly Planner

Once the calculating was complete, I drew marks with chalk on the top, bottom, and sides of the frame to designate the placement of the tape…

Dry-Erase Weekly Organizer at Positively Splendid

…and I then started to work connecting the marks to form a taped grid. So simple!

Dry-Erase Weekly Organizer at Positively Splendid

To ensure a dry-erase marker is always at hand when I need it, I used hot glue to attach a magnet to the lid of a marker, which I then affixed to the top corner of the board.

When I was finished, my board was ready to fill in and put to good use! Now, I will hopefully always know exactly who needs to be where, and when. 🙂

Dry-Erase Weekly Organizer at Positively Splendid

Scotch Expressions Tapes are available at office superstores and mass retailers nationwide, as well as online. Click here to find a store near you. It’s easy! Just type in your zip code.

For information on more great Scotch products and project ideas, be sure to check out Scotch Brand at all of their online hangouts:

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Amy @ Positively Splendid

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