September 16, 2013

My Top 2 Pieces of Creative Advice

Regardless of whether you were struck by the creative itch from the first day you wielded a pair of safety scissors, or if your creative journey started a little further down the road, there are two important things everyone should know about creativity:

My Top 2 Pieces of Creative Advice at Positively Splendid


1. Anyone, regardless of skill level or experience, can create something to be proud of with their own two hands.

I am truly passionate about helping people discover just how creative they truly are. (For more on that, head here.) If there is one label that should never be assigned to anyone, that is “un-creative.” Friends, at our core, we are all creative. Whether it is something you live every day, or if that creativity is hiding dormant just underneath the surface, it is there. I promise! 

2. Just because it is homemade doesn’t mean it is homely.

The term “homemade” has gotten a bad rap in the last few decades, after the bleak landscape of 80’s crafting left people with images of bad handmade sweaters and Kleenex box covers dancing in the heads. Let’s make a pact to leave those images in the past! The creative landscape has changed vastly in the last few years, with new tools, abundant learning resources, and fantastic social networks that allow us to access and share great ideas at the touch of a button. So stitch, bake, and craft your heart out, and be proud of the beauty you are imparting to the world around you!

Let’s flex our creative muscles together! Start browsing through some of the hundreds of creative ideas here at PS by clicking through the categories above. With ideas ranging from handmade crafts and sewing projects to home and garden ideas, printables, recipes and more, you are sure to find something that suits your own personal style!

Happy creating!

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