November 10, 2011

Framed Handmade Ornaments (Swell Noel #33)

There are some people just the thought of whom brings a huge smile to my face, and today’s Swell Noel guest is certainly one of them! Ms. Lara from Less Cake {more frosting} is here today with a darling decor project that incorporates one of my current personal favorite Christmas color choices: turquoise! 
Hi, Positively Splendid readers. My name is Ellie G (or Lara….I answer to both of them. Actually, I’ll answer to most anything, as long as it’s not rude.) I blog at Less Cake {more frosting}. I’m so excited for Amy’s new addition. And the opportunity to come visit is AWESOME!
 Last year for Christmas I added in a new color to our decor. Turquoise. And I love it. But I still don’t have a ton of it yet. Gotta work little by little. (we live on a budget at our house)
I’m excited to get started on things for this year….
My first project this year is what I call “Ornaments in a Box”.
I started off with a simple wood frame. It isn’t even a frame really, it’s scrap wood. We made a drawer too tall, and cut the top off. I’ve been keeping it for a “rainy day”.
I painted it with Martha Stewart glossy turquoise paint, and also a coat of the turquoise glitter paint. I used the attachable foam rollers, which made it super slick. But a regular foam brush is totally great too.
 Then I took some chipboard cut into ornaments shapes. These were pre-cut and were part of a Basic Grey collection. That also saved me a BUNCH of time. But I’m SURE you could get silhouettes of ornaments and cut them out. You don’t need these.
I covered each shape in a different medium. I started off with just some scrapbook paper. And I did cover both sides of each ornament.
The thing I love about this project is that it’s totally versatile. And is a GREAT way to use up scraps of things. This one is covered in some old sequin trimming that I’d been saving. I KNEW I’d want to use this one day!
I also topped each ornament with some silver glitter, to make them look even more authentic. 
I needed to hang the ornaments, and wanted them to hang straight. So I used a ruler to measure out a straight line, as well as equal distances for the hangers.
  • You can hang using fishing line (that’s what I used) but I also thought that some ric-rac or ribbon would be awesome as well.
  • I also used some decorative pushpins for hanging because you will most likely see them while it’s hanging on the wall.
 Here’s a close up of the hanging ornaments. I used lace, material, paper, trim….all kinds of scraps and leftovers. But all matching our decor. 
And here’s the little beauty hung up. I love the glitter (it’s only visible in a certain light). And the push-pins are actually really cool as well.
And I am SO excited about the turquoise. I shouldn’t be as excited about a color as I am. But….what ‘cha gonna do? I get excited about new songs, treats, and colors. I’m pretty easy to please!
Thanks again, Amy for having me. I’d love for you to come over and visit Less Cake {more frosting} anytime!


It’s going to be a turquoise-infused Christmas around here, too! Love this color combo, Lara! Thanks so much for stopping by.


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