December 14, 2013

World’s Best Chocolate Cake Recipe

Dense, moist, and brimming with rich chocolate flavor, this might very well be the world’s best chocolate Bundt cake recipe. The secret? Milk Way bars! Served with a heaping dollop of vanilla ice cream, this spectacular (and surprisingly easy!) dessert is sure to wow guests at your holiday gatherings.

The BEST chocolate cake you will ever make. Hands down!

World's Best Chocolate Cake

Calories: 10074

Fat: 390g

The densest, richest chocolate Bundt cake recipe you'll ever try. The secret? Milk Way bars! Perfect served with vanilla ice cream.
  • 9 full-sized Milky Way bars, chopped and divided
  • 1 cup butter, diced
  • ¾ cup chocolate syrup
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 large eggs, lightly beaten
  • 2½ cups all-purpose flour
  • ¾ cup unsweetened cocoa
  • ¾ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon (optional)
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Powdered sugar
  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Grease and flour a 12-cup Bundt pan and set aside.
  2. Set aside ¼ cup of the chopped Milky Way bars to use as a garnish. In large microwave-safe bowl, combine the remaining chopped Milky Way bars, butter, and chocolate syrup. Microwave at full power in 30-second intervals, stirring after each interval, about 2 minutes total. Whisk until smooth. Pour mixture into the bowl of an electric stand mixer. Add sugar, and mix well at medium speed. Add the eggs, beating just until blended.
  3. In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, cocoa powder, salt, cinnamon and baking soda. Combine the buttermilk and vanilla extract. Add the flour and buttermilk alternately in 2 additions each, beginning and ending with flour mixture, stirring just until combined.
  4. Pour batter into Bundt pan. Bake 1 hour and 20-25 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out almost clean. Cool in pan on wire rack 10 minutes before inverting onto wire rack to cool completely. Before serving, dust with powdered sugar and top with reserved Milky Way pieces.

 Really, is there anything better than chocolate cake? 

The BEST chocolate cake you will ever make. Hands down!

The Milky Way bars impart a richness to this cake that will have you clamoring for just one more slice.

The BEST chocolate cake you will ever make. Hands down!


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  1. Crystal December 15, 2013 at 10:21 pm #

    Super yummy!!! Thanks for the recipe!!

  2. Ivkiona December 19, 2013 at 4:47 am #

    This looks so delicious! I will definitely try to make it! I hope it will look as great as your cake! registered & protected

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