May 26, 2014

DIY Insulated Beverage Holders (Koozies)

Warm months call for lounging by the pool or in the backyard with a cold drink in hand, and these fun DIY insulated beverage holders (also known as koozies in my neck of the woods) are the perfect way to ensure your drink stays nice and frosty! These can be made in literally minutes, and they are a perfect sewing project for beginners. And, since they can be made with any quilting fabric under the sun, they can be personalized for anyone, making them the perfect handmade gift idea for women and men alike. Let me fill you in on all the details!

How fun are these DIY koozies made with cute fabrics? Perfect for summer!

These DIY koozies would be the perfect gift for any guy!

 For this project, you will need…

  • (1) 11×5″ piece quilting cotton (for the outer body)
  • (1) 11×5″ piece quilting cotton (for the body lining)
  • (1) 11×5″ piece Insulbright (a heavy duty insulated fleece, found with the interfacings and stabilizers)
  • (2) 11×5″ pieces fusible fleece
  • (1) 4.25″ piece of 1.5″ Velcro
  • Coordinating thread
  • Point turning tool
  • Denim sewing needle
  • Basic sewing supplies: machine, iron, pins, etc. (Click here to see my list of must-have sewing tools)

To begin, fuse a fleece piece to the wrong sides of each of the outer and lining body pieces according to the product instructions. 

Place the outer body piece face up on a work surface. Lay the body lining piece face down on the outer body piece, aligning all of the raw edges. Stack the Insulbright piece on top of the other two layers. Make sure all of the raw edges are precisely aligned; pin. With your machine fitted with the denim sewing needle, use a 1/4″ seam allowance to stitch around the perimeter of the stacked pieces, leaving a 3″ opening at one of the short ends. Clip the corners, and trim the seam to 1/8″, leaving the short end with the opening untrimmed. 

How to make a DIY fabric koozie.

Turn the piece right-side out through the opening, using a corner turning tool to make sure the corners are crisp. Press the piece thoroughly, and pin the opening shut. Now, edgestitch around the entire perimeter of the piece, closing up the opening as you go. 

Align the hook portion of the Velcro piece along the left edge of the front side of the piece; pin. Stitch around all 4 edges of the Velcro piece to secure. Now, align the loop portion of the Velcro piece along the back side of the piece. Pin and stitch around the 4 edges of the Velcro to secure it to the holder.

Your koozie is complete!

When you see how easy these are the whip up, you’ll want to make a collection of them to use for all of your summer entertaining!

The Velcro closure on the holders makes swapping out beverages as easy as can be.

DIY insulated beverage holders, AKA koozies. Perfect for summer!

I love that they can be made with feminine, pretty fabrics…

How fun are these DIY koozies made with cute fabrics? Perfect for summer!

…and also with fabrics perfect for sports fans! There are so many cute novelty fabrics available, you could easily make a koozie for any interest: fishing, playing golf, sewing, cooking and more!


These DIY koozies would be the perfect gift for any guy!

 P.S. These koozies are designed to fit cans, too!

How fun are these DIY koozies made with cute fabrics? Perfect for summer!


DIY Koozies - Perfect for making with any fabric! What a fun idea for summer!

One of these koozies would be a perfect gift idea for any guy when presented along with the fun printable gift tags I’ve shared over at Tatertots and Jello. These would not only be perfect for Father’s Day, but also for graduations, birthdays, or even for grooms to give as a token of appreciation to their groomsmen.

Be sure to head over to grab the free download for these cute gift tags!

These DIY koozies would be the perfect gift for any guy!

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