August 15, 2014

DIY Apple Bookends #MichaelsMakers

Heading back to school means it’s time once again to hit the books, and today I’m sharing a fun back to school craft project I’ve made with the help of Michaels Stores to keep books organized in adorable fashion. Featuring a sweet pencil eraser “stem,” these cute apple bookends can be made in just minutes, and they are a wonderful little gift idea to give a special teacher to use in his or her classroom as a token of appreciation for all of their hard work. Let me fill you in on all of the details for how these come together, including free PDF apple templates to make this project as easy as can be. 

Adorable DIY apple bookends from Positively Splendid. #MichaelsMakers

For this project, you will need…


  1. Download and print the apple templates onto white cardstock. Use scissors to cut out each template.
  2. Trace the templates onto the various colors of felt with the Sharpie: 1 main red apple piece; 1 white apple interior piece; 3 black seed pieces; and 2 green leaf pieces. Use the scissors to cut out each piece.
  3. Using a saw or very sharp knife, cut a 2-inch piece from the eraser end of the pencil. Hot glue the piece to the top center of the stretched burlap. Use hot glue to affix each felt piece onto the project, positioning the main apple piece so that the pencil piece is centered at the top of the piece, forming a “stem.”
  4. To finish, tie a small bow with the green ribbon, and affix it to the base of the pencil stem with hot glue.

Adorable DIY apple bookends from Positively Splendid. #MichaelsMakers

Adorable DIY apple bookends from Positively Splendid. #MichaelsMakers

You are finished!

Aren’t these an adorable way to keep favorite books organized? 

Adorable DIY apple bookends from Positively Splendid. #MichaelsMakers

The little pencil stem is definitely my favorite part! I can’t wait to give a set of these to my kids’ teachers this year as they head back to school. These are a terrific project to make with children!

Adorable DIY apple bookends from Positively Splendid. #MichaelsMakers


Ready to head out to pick up the supplies for this project? Be sure to head to Michaels, where you can save 10% off your regular and sale purchase now through August 16. Or, if you plan to shop this weekend, save 40% on 1 regularly-priced item August 17-23.

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Michaels Craft Stores, Inc.

Thank you to Michaels for sponsoring today’s project. Although I received compensation for this post, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 

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