December 31, 2015

How to Make a Tulle Wreath

Wreaths are some of my favorite crafts to make, as they can add such a touch of personality to any space, and they can be made with a minimal investment of time and supplies. Today, I’m sharing a tutorial for how to make a tulle wreath. With layers of pretty tulle all finished with a festive bow, this type of wreath would be a lovely decorative accent for a wedding, in a nursery, or anywhere else that a pop of pretty pizzazz in in order! Read on for the how-to.
How to make a tulle wreath - step by step craft tutorial

For this project, you will need…

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Step-By-Step Instructions for How to Make a Tulle Wreath

Step 1: Starting at one end of one of the white rolls of tulle, wrap the tulle around the square cardboard piece until you reach the end of the roll.

Step 2: Using scissors, cut along the top and bottom folds along the cardboard piece to create 6″ squares of tulle. Repeat with the remaining white tulle roll.

How to make a tulle wreath - step by step craft tutorial

Step 3: To add the tulle to the wreath, take one piece and gather it together. Fold the piece in half, as shown.

Step 4: The wreath form is divided into 8 even sections. Working in one of the sections at a time, affix the white tulle pieces to the metal slats within each section using a slip-knot, as shown. On each of the outermost rings, you will affix 12 pieces per section, and on each of the innermost rings, you will affix 10 pieces per section. Continue affixing the tulle pieces using slip knots until the entire section is filled. When you reach the end of one section, skip over the adjoining section and begin affixing tulle pieces to the next section in a similar fashion.

Step 5: When you have filled four alternating sections of the wreath with white tulle pieces, repeat the same process using the gold tulle in the remaining open sections of the wreath. When you are finished, fluff and adjust the tulle layers as needed.

Step 6: Create a bow with the gold mesh ribbon, and affix to the top center of the finished wreath with hot glue. 

How to make a tulle wreath - step by step craft tutorial

Your tulle wreath is complete!

How to make a tulle wreath - step by step craft tutorial

Wanting to ring in the new year in style? Add some festive glittered numbers to the wreath to welcome 2016 with a pop of pizzazz! Find the details for using this concept to make a New Year’s wreath over on the Darice blog, Live. Craft. Love. Click here for that tutorial.

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